Friday, April 5, 2013

Older friends

Enjoying a visit with GG--a since 8th grade friend.  She's in the friend group with Miss Sunny.  She too shall celebrate one of those decade birthdays soon. I play the "you're older than me" birthday game every year.  Miss Sunny is leading the pack now--I am the baby and the cutest--just like in my family of origin.(The cutest that is.) You can say things like this on your own blog.   I hope we play the birthday game for many years to come, and I shall remain the youngest and cutest. They shall have to blog to challenge my position.

God is good and continues to put good people in my path.  I am still the cutest of all of them but not always the youngest.  Look for the gift of lives in your path today.  Sometimes they may not look like who you expected or thought you needed.  Sometimes they are more. 

Peace from the Hooch. 

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