Monday, March 11, 2013

Tarzan on the Hooch

Duke Boy invited us to the party yesterday during worship.  Complete with balloons.  Sermon was on the party for the Prodigal son.  We didn't have any fatted calf.  Who needs to be invited to the party?  Who needs to know about Jesus?  This morning my devotion that comes from the Internet was on the Good Samaritan.  Hmm...I'm sensing a theme here.  Good thing I work somewhere where I can talk about Jesus. 

Birds are feeling spring--y . Chirping up a rain cloud or two.  I'm sure they are singing compliments to Duke Boy on the ease they had finding worms since the leaves are raked off their dinner plates.  Only the early birds are singing though..he,he, he.

The air on my arm is much warmer than the last time I had this window up.  I just love Spring!  I can hear 3 different birds singing.

 Last evening Duke Boy and I walked down the steps and sat on the bank of the Hooch.  What a beautiful evening to watch the sunset.  Ducks honking down the river, a flock of blackbirds --about as many as from the movie "The Birds", something big--huge wings--an owl? hawk? our eagle? Love my life. 

A neighborhood cat is in my yard.  Hunkered down near a chipmunk hole. Time to do my Tarzan yell from the porch.

Not this green yet, but our seats were just beyond the tree at the bottom of the pix. 
Peace from the Valley.  Ignore the yell.

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