Thursday, September 27, 2012

Prayers and peace and birthdays

Just noticed this post never was published.  I'm posting anyway even though this good man is now in the arms of the Father.  May peace and love continue to surround his family.

Praying for a sister-by-love and her family this morning as they keep vigil with their brother, father, granddad, uncle, husband, and good man. I remember when my family came together 10 years ago to sing and release my Dad into God's arms.  My Dad always did his best to make things good for my family so it was difficult to believe that goodness wasn't leaving with him.  We have found over the years how to continue that goodness--each of his kids in our own way--as we care for our families and for our Mom. 
Most days more persistence than perfection.  He and Mom taught us not to give up and that the Heavenly Father is always here.  I know my sister-in-love knows this sustaining love and I pray her family will feel surrounded by this love as they keep vigil.

Lucy is 27 and still a kid at heart.

I am observing this awesome beach as I write these words.  Time to get down there and soak it up. Fabulous day yesterday with Hedgie Girl celebrating her birthday.  She is now the age that I was when I decided to marry her Dad.  Seems weird. I am still that young woman myself some days.  Being on the beach helps stir many of those memories.  Told her yesterday that Gulf Shores was the first place her feet ever hit the sand.  She was about six months old and hated the sand, she screamed with each touch of her feet to it. Fast forward 27 years where we ran around being silly and snapping pictures with the sunset with our feet in that same soft sand.

Take time to tell those you love that you love. them. Don't wait.  Seize the day. 

Peace from the beach. 

Incredible sky last night. 
Orange Beach, AL

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