Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rocky Mountain tripping

Oh what fun to travel with Hedgie Girl.  Here we are  in the "Garden of the Gods" in Colorado Springs.This is a FREE park.  It was so lovely.  The weather was just amazing.  I sported my shirt like a cape--batgirl style since it was too warm to wear it.  This picture was taken before I took out a section of loose rocks with my rear end.  No damage just a free purple and blue souvenier of the day on my rumpus. This is what happens when people in their 50s attempt to keep pace with 7 and 9 year olds.  Keep in mind I am fast approaching the LAST year of my 50s. I think we might have taken a wrong turn on the trail which led to my bruises.

Me and Hedgie Girl
Garden of the Gods
Colorado Springs, CO

Life is such a Balancing Act
Trying to hold up Balancing Rock, Colorado Springs, CO
This is how they keep the park free. Guests are expected to hold up the rock in 15 minute increments.
Glad I had a good breakfast first.

Our Host Family
The Michaels
My niece and her guys
The big guy will be soon be Major Michaels in the USAF

Another thing that happens when you hang out with 7 and 9 year olds.  Eye rolling... and she isn't even in her 50s.  Pike's Peak was just behind those rolling eyes.  "America the Beautiful" was inspired by that Peak.  I can only imagine how much in awe Katharine Bates must have been in 1893.  She had come to teach at Colorado College when she traveled to the Peak. Colorado College is anotther beautiful spot in Colorado Springs. 

Traveling from a city of 3000 to a city of over 400,000 was quite an adventure.  We had a good trip on Frontier Airlines.  The only gripe I had was having to pay $20 to check a bag. We were offered that courtesy of a free check from Atlanta which Hedgie Girl heard me decline since I missed the free part.  After we dragged our bags to row 25--the one right next to the flushing toilet in the back of the plane--I had to carry mine since it was too wide to roll the aisle.  ... we chose to check our bags on the return trip but no free check was offered.  I even did my best Southern begging ,smiling plea for free, oh well.  Since I didn't want to literally air my dirty laundry to the CS airport to dig out my 3 oz. liquids, I paid my $20.  If I'd waited and checked it at the plane it would have been free.  I would have had to do the same drag through the airport first--GRRRR. 

Thanks to the Michaels family for being great hosts. 

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