Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hummingbird reprimands

Gardening is the best way to get a knee pain.

 Yesterday was hot but not the fainting, call 911, where is the ice water kind?

 It was more : I think it's time to water the flowers for minute and get my shorts soaking wet so they can dry while I'm pulling weeds, time to sit on the stool and get up close and personal to those weeds, is it time to eat lunch yet? kind of hot.

I mainly tackled the hummingbird vine again. After I'd pulled most of it off my bushes, I had a strange visitation from a hummingbird.  My back patio is my spot to enjoy the river which it what I was doing while resting a minute from the sweaty part of weeding.  This hummer flew all around, hover over my head, and then flew away. While it was going on I figure it was because my hat--sorta orangy-pink was in my lap, but as I write I think he was ticked off about the vines. 

Also had a visit from a couple of wasps .  Luckily, I got away without any stings.  My jasmine vine is the most prolific--well maybe not more than the hummingbird vine.. It require frequent pruning.  Since I've been such an absent gardener this summer, it has overtaken it's small flower shaped trellis and the wasp found it cozy, I guess.  Needless to say it's still overtaking.  I keep wasp spray and thought I'd done the trick but later in the day saw one flying around the viney trellis.  This must be why you spray in the evening during their return to the nest for a good nights sleep. 

My front garden looks much nicer except for the wasp section.

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