Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to School Emotions

I also write news articles for the local paper here in my little town or actually for the Valley--that means Chattahoochee Valley--the towns are West Point, Lanett and Valley.  I decided to share one today that I sent to the paper yesterday.  It was a big day for Hedgie Girl as she ventured into a new job. She will be great with those kids and they will all learn something new. 
Peace from the Valley.

Back to School Emotions
I have a vivid picture in my mind and in a scrapbook of my daughter’s first day of kindergarten.  She is smiling, looking adorable in her little blue jean shirt, and sparkly top. Her shoes are Velcro since we’d failed hopelessly at shoe tying 101 over the summer.  Isn’t that why God made Velcro?  She is all giggly on the ride to school which I’m thinking must indicate nerves—she really didn’t need to use hers because I had enough for both of us.  You must know that she wasn’t even going to new school.  She was going to attend a private school at our church.  My husband was the supervisor of the new headmaster.  Her teacher was also her Sunday school teacher.  Lucy loved Mrs. Daily, and so did I. 
Well, those are facts but these are the feelings:  She was just four, well, five in two weeks.  Remember this was a private school and they knew she was capable of doing well in K-5.  I only worked part time and the mornings were some of our most fun times together.  We snuggled in the bed after Daddy went to work.  We fixed breakfast and ate together food that she often served me from the Fisher Price kitchen that stood in the corner of our family kitchen. 
Just two months early Mrs. Daily had reminded me that Lucy will need to be on time every day for K-5.  Like I said earlier we were drop –ins for K-4.  When I dropped her off “on time” for her first day of K-5 she wanted to walk in by herself.  I kissed her at the classroom door.  She turned, walked in, and never looked back. 
I found my husband and had a good cry over a cup of coffee.  He has continued to comfort me over the years when developmentally I wasn’t ready for my child’s next milestone.  Where will your comfort come from this week, month, over the years as you watch your little ones venture out into the world of education? 
That same girl begins her first day at Lanett High School today…She will supervise students in the AP Distance Learning classes.  I pray that there will be other Ms. Dailys there to assist her in her new duties.  She is fortunate to have a sweet husband who helped her organize the computers in the room for the first day of school.  They make a good team.  She is excited today and probably didn’t look back as she headed out for her first day at her new school. She is a graduate of Lanett High so it’s not so new.  She most likely is wearing something sparkly.
It’s important to stay connected to family, friends, ministers, counselors as the needs of your child and your family change.  You have to stay educated while you send your little ones out to be educated.  Your job is 24/7 for a long while but you don’t have to do it alone.  
Here is that sparkley girl all grown up on her first day of school.

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