Monday, July 16, 2012

Planting, peaches and naps

Japan has joined the viewing of this space.  Wow.  Thanks.

Got an activity watch and logged 12,000+ steps, twists, and turns yesterday.  So much for Sabbath rest--I did have a 45 minute nap too.  Sundays are a must for naps--some of the best sleep in the world happens on Sunday afternoons at this house.  Must be a God thing that those naps are the most refreshing of the entire week?? 

I visited nurseries over the weekend and plants phlox near my front door and walk--they smell wonderful.  I never knew this about them.  Mine aren't tall--I hope they will be next year.  Not sure what variety these are since these actually came from Kroger.  They WATER their plants--very important!!! I went to a large chain store and all their plants were crispy--it was very sad.  The worst part was that workers were standing around not saving these beauties.  Rocky Branch Garden Center in Pine Mountain had beautiful caladiums for 50% off and I got 3 pots which had several plants in them.  Also some tall Tick seed and another yellow plant in that family that I can't name.  I had to do a brain scan to remember caladiums. 

Peaches are also coming in strong at Carroll Farms in Woodbury, GA.  Delicious.  They also smell wonderful.

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