Sunday, June 17, 2012

War Hero Daddy Rule

Amazingly beautiful day today.  Spent my time trimming bushes.  Yesterday spent my time boating riding, swimming, and having fun with friends.  I like swimming better than bush trimming. All that glorious rain on Thursday made my flowery friends very happy.

Those above comments are the remains of yesterday.  I was too pooped to finish it.

Henry Eugene (Red) Erwin
Medal of Honor Recipient

Today is Father's Day and I honor and miss my Daddy.  He was a war hero which I never thought was odd growing up.  Daddy never made a big deal of it so I thought every body's Daddy was a war hero.
Kinda like I thought ever home in America had weenies and kraut on Sunday nights for supper--like it was a rule or something??  He and my Mom, and Grandmother Starnes, passed on the love of gardening and making your yard a beautiful place to hang out.  I never understood all that "yard work" when I was growing up. I do now.  I also know that the yard or garden you work so hard in is worth hanging out in when your not working in it.  Sit a spell and enjoy all that hard work. 

Hope you will sit a spell today some place beautiful.  If you are fortunate to have a good Daddy to sit with then I hope you will do that too. 

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