Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Perking up the sad spot

Perked up the sad spot in my front garden with some new friends on Sunday evening.  Sad spots only make me happy when they are in pound cakes.  You may have to be from The South to get that?? You  can post a comment if you live in another country and that happens to your cakes too.  I know my niece, who is a cake baker and a recent transplant to Colorado, has had several sad faces when she's tried to make cakes at the high altitude.  She did have a recent success though with a cake that looked like a giant hamburger.  Way to go Jen!

Back to my new happy spot...we visited the new Southern Living Show House in Senoia, GA on Father's Day.  It is worth the trip to see this great town and what they are trying to accomplish with restorations and new ideas.  The designer house is a relocated, restored farm house with several additions.  Father's Day was a great day to visit for Duke boy and Hedgie Boy since they are both into what makes a home look beautiful in a livable way.  Not that all men don't think that way--but it wasn't too crowded--we did see a few men. Enough about all that sexist talk...The rugs were one of my favorite things about the house.  Favorite flower in the garden there was Queen Mum agapanthus.

Happy spot in garden---Black Eyed Susans, Orange variegated blanket flower--called sparkle something--I threw away the plant marker--I planted these to encourage Duke boy's peony to get happy.  It is so unhappy.  If it never does anything it won't be for lack of friends.  My pink cosmos is still tall and beautiful and producing new flowers daily.  Note to self is to apply bug spray before evening gardening.  After I took the time to slather myself in some family Off I didn't spend as much time nearly hitting myself in the head with my trowel while shooing mosquitoes from my ears. 

Yesterday morning sitting on my front steps with a cup of coffee I had a delightful visit with a hummingbird.  He swooped in to stick his beak into a nearby yellow cosmos.  He wasn't happy with that and flew to my purple tall verbena--I think that's what it is?  I shall try to repeat that experience this morning--after the sun comes up.

Looking forward to another beautiful day in the world.  Did you see that blue sky with all those little perfect fluffy white clouds yesterday?  Amazing!  It was just the shape of the little clouds that I drew on my paper when in school you had to draw a happy picture.  I know you know what I'm talking about.

Most of all, love each other as if your life depended on it. Love makes up for practically anything.
I Peter 4: 4 or so   The Message

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  1. Yay for sad spots in pound cakes, especially Mrs. Doris'. High altitude baking is a challenge and so is high altitude gardening. I like reading about your garden/flower area. Enjoy the extra for me!