Monday, April 23, 2012

Short path to a friend's house

Monday morning on the river.  Heat was blowing when I wandered down to make coffee.  Chilly on my right arm but I only have the window open a crack.  Can't really hear the birds over "Morning Joe" holding court in the den. 

Great evening last night with Ms. M.  We laughed, bemoaned throwing away "treasures", walked, and weeded--just a little.  So refreshing to my soul to spend time with a good friend.  We shall celebrate her 80th birthday tomorrow by attending a fundraiser for the Pastoral Institute in Columbus. 
               Old enough to be my mother and young enough to be my friend.

This is a recent frolic at Ball Ground, GA at Gibbs Gardens.  We are the ones in the hats.

Peaceful Monday to all. 

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