Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rollin on the river

Thought I'd get to meet some of y'all down the Hooch from me up close and personal last night.  Duke boy beat the slop out of me at Canasta (BW was in his lap)during that storm last night.  BW was trying to tell us something with all that vibration yesterday morning.  We humans are so dense sometimes.  I will post a picture of the Hooch later today--right now it's muddy and swift.

All flowers in the yard are now doing the happy dance.  Transplanted a hydrangea from Easter--it may explode the blooms are so full.  Its roots may be in China by now. 

Ms. Louise, my MIL, has a robin nest on her porch.  It's perched on the top of  a wreath on her window.  I  climbed in a chair yesterday to gaze at the 3 huge sleeping heads.  Mom and Dad have fast tracked their flight school applications so they can have some empty nest relief.  When we finished our visit with Ms. Louise one of the flight school candidates had his head up, leaning on the side of the nest, eyes closed, and mouth opened.  Reminded me of feeding Hedge girl in her high chair when she'd be almost asleep but wanted that last bite. 

Church is usually an indoor activity just in case this abundance of rain hasn't passed.  See you there.

Enjoy those showers of blessings.

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