Saturday, April 14, 2012

Morning games

Little BW is playing the" lap game" with me this morning. She comes to my chair puts her paws on the cushion looking all pitiful and needing a lap---then when I go awee and go to pick her up she bolts back and gets silly and playful.  I fall for this every time.  She will play this as long as I will.  It reminds me of the "drop game" from the high chair when Hedgie girl was little.  Remember it?  Spoon on the tray, the look you get of mischief then oops--so you pick it up and then you pick it up and pick it up and pick it up --then you say- oh, this is the "drop game? 

BW has left me now because the heat kicked on.  Probably because I have the kitchen door open--I wanted to hear the birds sing.  I will let her enjoy the heat vent for a few moments before I turn the heat off. 

Duke boy is running, the birds are singing, and I'm blogging.  Time to get out and garden!!  Ms. Sunny sent me some new gardening gloves..How sweet are you!!  Thanks.  Can't remember if I blogged about wearing two left handers because the middle finger was gone from both of my pairs of righties.  I always break the right flip flop first too.  Maybe this phenomena occurs with you lefties too in the reverse?  Glad I'm just sistateered connected with Ms. S. so my manicure will last for another week.  Now on week 2.

BW is back and not happy that I'm typing and won't play the lap game again.  She knows I'm writing about her.  I know she knows because of the intent RCA dog look in her eyes.  You have to be a 50s child to know what that means.  Peace,  I will give BW a lap for a minute or two since her favorite lap is out running.

"Love is a tree, each person a branch. And a pile of cut off branches doesn’t make a tree. Love can only be comprehended in community. You need imperfect people in your life to perfect your practice of love."   from  I don't know how to add her button to my blog or I would.  She is a very inspiring blogger.   She has lovely pictures and even a book.  Impressive.

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