Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saving time

My bedside clock needs to be replaced--- since the year they began to randomly decide when day light savings time would change.  It's programmed to automatically springs forward or fall back depending upon the season.  Well, this morning it sprang forward--the only problem with that was that the real time change happened a few weeks ago.  Soooo-- it's Saturday... I had the clock set to get up early and do a health fair at the community center---wellllll, I'm up really early. 

OK, I'll stop complaining and use this EXTRA time to write.  My birds are singing in these muffled tones.  They saw my light and thought it was the sun.  Sorry guys.  Yesterdays' rain was a great gift to my garden.  Duke boy worked most of the day moving plants and weeding beds.  I think I'll keep him.
He is a great pine straw spreader.  My thigh muscles won't even allow me to pass by the bundles without quivering. 

 "I will send the rains in their seasons..." Leviticus 26:4.  I think God must have just reviewed that scripture because it's pouring now. 


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