Friday, March 30, 2012

Buzzards, crickets, and birds. Oh my!

Receive and experience the amazing grace of the Master, Jesus Christ,
                             deep, deep within yourselves.
                                                   Philippians 4: 23   The Message

What a great scripture! That is my hope for each of you today as you go about the last Friday in March of 2012.

 When I got home last night Duke boy had a delicious supper waiting on the stove for me.  After eating I went to the patio to watch the Hooch run swift and high. The air was full of sunset serenades and peace from my birds. Two very large birds, that I wanted to be eagles since we have some that nest upriver at West Point lake, flew in and out of the trees. When they roosted I studied them through the failing light and my failing eyes and decided they might be buzzards . I'm guessing my tiredness was registering in the atmosphere as the mother load of meals for the month for those guys.

I am happy to report this morning that I wasn't picked clean on the patio.  I'm here listening to my birds wake up the sun again.  It is quieter than previous days perhaps birds take Fridays off too.  The quiet does allow room to hear the crickets who are leaving the night shift to find hiding spots from the day shifts' hungry feathered beaks.

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