Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pollen peace

     God is really showing off outside today.  Had coffee outside with Duke boy--he is sad--if you follow basketball then you know why.  We stared in amazement while Cardinals, Blue Jays, Robins, Sparrows, and our Eagle flitted through our oak trees.  Our trees were bare last Saturday night and have leaves and those annoying little tassely things today.  I strolled in my garden and gathered flowers for our lunch table.  It's very hard to cut my flowers but I love flowers on the table too.  My Grandmother always had flowers on her table when you had lunch with her. A Grandmother bouquet was so large sometimes you had to peep around to see who was eating across from you.  This was a testimony to how many flowers she grew. 
     Hope all of you have a church to worship in today.  Shawmut United Methodist in Valley,AL will always welcome you.  Duke boy has special sermons during Lent about the Cross. 
     I just looked over at my black table under my open window.  I think I shall write "peace" in the pollen. 

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