Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Heavens, raise the roof!

Thrilling to see my first bloom on my little Grancy Greybeard tree.  Hedgie girl and boy gave it to us for Easter last year.  It had a long rough summer where I did my best along with God's water to see that it didn't thirst to death.  The lessons of life are all around us in the garden.  It was also fun to see a Blue jay trying to waller in our new leaning birdbath.  I just filled it up with water again--so I could watch the waterfall--out the cracks. 

My brother's sons have a new movie out, October Baby.  It's about redemption and grace after a woman makes one of those not so black and white choices.  Those words are in my favorite lines from the movie that are delivered by the police officer.  It's worth your time to see this movie that was mostly filmed in Alabama.  I am proud to be related to such talent.

Here's a scripture for the day.  Isaiah 49: verse 12 or so--it's from my bargain find--The Message.
Heavens,raise the roof! Earth, wake up the dead!
   Mountains, send up cheers!
God has comforted his people.
  He has tenderly nursed his beaten-up , beaten-down people.

Don't you just love that?  Spring is definitely nursing this person.

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