Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Daily love connections

     Tonight the ladies at my church get a free ride: no cooking, no dish washing, no cleaning off tables.  Just a night where the men do it all.  Of course, my life is this charmed most of the time.  I do wash dishes and set the table but my husband is the cook.  I'm not sure how our roles got divided that way.  It's just developed over the last 30 years.  I do laundry, bills, garbage, and yard play. He cooks and does the yard work.  We have a fabulous cleaning lady who comes twice a month and we pick up and do light cleaning in-between.  Donnie made up our bed for years and one day I decided that I'd take that task.  We both shop for groceries usually on Friday night after date night and we both help plan the menu for the week.  We both help each other with tasks for our jobs.  This didn't always go so smoothly and we still have to take our calendars to a lunch that I arrange so we can schedule a vacation and get away time.  We also enjoy at least two days each week eating a  brown bag lunch together since we both work in the same church. 
     Research by John Gottman, a respected family therapist, promotes daily connecting time with your spouse as an important part of a healthy relationship.  Morning coffee together, chats about your day, phone calls, texts, winks, smiles--all of these count.  How are you doing? 

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