Saturday, March 15, 2014

Springing on the Hooch

Relaxing with Dex.  Watching Rock Man work.  He is never still.  Now he's widening my view by taking down an area filled with brush and weeds.  I got a little gardening in today myself.  Trimmed, broke, grabbed, tore... back my lantana sticks.  They are much lovelier in the summer.  Still smell all minty though--like licorice.  Oops just notice a pile that I need to haul to the road. 

Much more to be done but the flesh is weak today.  Rather save my strength to hold babies. 

Do love walking around with a cup of coffee in the early morning seeing what's coming up. 

Birds just amazing.  Bluebirds checking out our rentals.  We are slum lords.  Got 2 new houses that we need to stage but haven't  yet.  They will actually be clean and unchewed by squirrels.  Squirrels are lousy renters.  They chew out the holes so they can get their hineys in the doors.  Then they eat in bed and don't sweep.  They also don't go far on Saturday night for supper.  Usually just to my new pots of spring and summer flowers.  It's their idea of Ruby Tuesdays. 

Double N hanging out trying to get some feathered snacks.  Sad but true.  He was under my feet while I was de-lantanaing the wall.  I explained that all of me had fallen on my wrist before an if were him I'd get out of my way.  Can you say flat cat?

Enough news from the Hooch.  Time to hold babies.  I think I hear them calling their Sughar.

he's got his Daddy wrapped

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