Monday, January 6, 2014

Feeling like that kid watching the TV to see if I'd have to go to school the next day.  TV isn't even on but I'm awake.  Can't sleep. Ticked because Downton Abbey didn't tape--rats. I'm hooked.  If you've ever watched it then know you are too so don't judge.

 Back to the weather...glad I live in the South.
 Have you seen some of those temps in the North and Mid-west.  Bless 'em.
 Well, the three ups for tonight are:
1) Bundle up

2) Snuggle up   

3) Turn the heat up.

 Dripping faucets are a good thing tonight.

Had a great New Year's Eve with the Hedgies in Birmingham at Little Savannah.  Good food and good service.  and a good thing it's in Birmingham. 

New Year's Resolutions...I'm gonna get right on those.  Today is the 5th?  Hmmm

The number one answer??? You know it...

1) LOSE WEIGHT. Duke Boy says he's losing 20 #s. And he will.  I love and hate him for his resolve in that area.  He didn't cook any dessert for Sunday lunch. The rest of the meal was AMAZING.  Faquitas--steak, chicken, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, green peppers.  Homemade guacamole by Hedgie girl. 

2) Which is actually #1.  Get us a baby.  Complete an adoption.  They are approved.  Their book for the birth parents to look over is sooo sweet.  They are a creative pair.  Will be fabulous parents.

3) Figure out what I'm going to do with the part of the time that I'm not working.  Just went to part-time.  Very scary... but I can stay up and blog because I'm not working tomorrow.  Maybe I'll blog more.  I could exercise more so I could accomplish # 1.  If #2 happens fast then #3 will be taken care of.

All this resolve is making me sleepy.  Blogging is good.

  Peace and warm, snuggly thoughts from the Hooch.


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