Saturday, November 9, 2013

Views from the Hooch


Ms. Potato Head stopped by Valley Family Dentistry for the Cabbage Patch Girls to correct her overbite.  Gotta love it when your dentist gives you Chocolate!!

These are not morning children.  Too funny.
My niece maker of beautiful pictures made this one.  

We love because (God) first loved us.  1 John 4:7-21

These words began my devotion from the Upper Room this morning. It can be accessed free on-line if you are interested.  It's written by people like me--perhaps this year I will attempt to be a writer for them. 

I am tickled to announce a new blog by the Hedgies--if I was really good at this stuff I'd link you to it--another goal for this year--it's time for them to be public about finding a baby for us to love on. 
They have done so in a big way with all kinds of wonderful pictures, stories, and peeks into their souls. Made me cry and swell with pride that I know them and they are a part of me.
so the above is the link.  I know I'm amazing--
"How long the road is.
 But, for all the time the journey has already taken,
                                    how you have needed every second of it."
                                                                        Dag Hammarskjold

I'd love to stay with y'all all day.  I've got to visit Dex today.  He was cold this morning so I kept my distance.  My to do list is a mile long and Queen Elizabeth wants to go shopping.  I probably need a spiff up too.
Speaking on Monday, Veterans Day, at the Valley program at the memorial in Langdale.
 The Medal of Honor stamp for WWII is issued that day.  My Dad will be remembered.

 rockin the power of purple with Hedgie girl and the Queen

the hedgies

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