Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday thoughts

Pulled for the winner last night.  Ms. New York became Ms. America. Special connection that'll I'll brag about.  My niece, who is a reigning "I now live in New York City" designed the interview dress for Ms. or is it Miss America?  It was an exciting evening running back the show every time they showed her cheering section trying to catch a glimpse of my niece who was in the audience.  She claimed some TV time but I never saw her.

I'm guessing my biggest "to do" this week won't be as monumental as helping Ms./Miss America achieve the taking of the crown.  I'm too chicken to help the U.N. with Syrian peace keeping.  No skills in helicopter rescue for those poor folks in Colorado who are getting washed away. ( So glad my Colorado niece, who I visited there last year, is safely in Samson, AL sleeping this morning. ) Perhaps I can achieve 10,000 steps today all in the right direction for my health.  According to my pedometer that's almost 5 miles and 500 calories. 

Porch sitting is not quite as guilty of a pleasure after having achieved my steps goal.  Here's the latest view of that experience....
I couldn't get my other picture to cooperate so this is the next best one.  We watched the Bama game from the porch.  Duke Boy was barefooted though.  Roll Tide!

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