Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Does God have a score card?

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush? What? If I could get my hands on the two in the bushes perhaps I'd get more than 3 blueberries to go with my cantaloupe this morning.  I know, whining, about the blueberries again. I know, get a net.  I have my reasons for not doing that.  Gardeners who plant willy nilly, meaning there are cherry trees growing up in the middle of blueberry bushes, have to suffer the consequences of their poor planning. There ARE shiny things hanging in the bushes, the birds use them to admire themselves while they snack.  Double N is lying on my chair cushions giving himself his morning bath while the birds snack on.

"Be good to me, God--and now!" Psalm 57:1 from The Message .
Bold admonition for Tuesday morning.  Great way to start the day though.  Think I'll try it.  Wonder if He's on the birds side or mine?

Peace for the day from the Hooch.
Grasshoppers love these for snackin! 

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