Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Double N and caladryling

Writing from my second floor dressing room.  Of course, it's dark out and I can't see the raging Hooch. Amazing buckets of rain.  Just Caladryled --this has gotta be a verb--my ankles after an evening of gardening last night.  Duke Boy and I sat under the oaks until the shower ran us inside.  Don't do that.  We could hear the thunder in the distance.  We couldn't see any lightening--denial is a powerful element in this ole world.  One of those nights where we could hear the rain racing toward us. Coming down the Hooch like it was riding the train. 

We'd finish an evening of planting after an afternoon of napping. Duke Boy got an Australian tree fern.  Looks gorgeous in its new home on the patio.  Planted more zinnia seeds.  They heard me brag too much last year about how I'd grown them from seed.  None yet.  Past that germination time listed on the package.  Grape tomatoes are a wonderment though.  Blueberries are loading up my bushes.  Double N follows me around the yard weaving in and out of my legs.  I'm going to be on a walker soon due to his friendliness.

We are smitten now over Double N.  We laughed at him as he lay in the flowerbed--all over the plants!! Little BW can't get away with that behavior.  Grinning when his nose touches my empty cereal bowl.  What is wrong with me?? There isn't room in my heart or garden for a bird eating garden soil soiler. 

My sitting room now holds my Grandmother's Hoosier cabinet. Mine since her death in 1976. Hers since her marriage sometime after 1900.  She was born in 1885.  One hundred years before Hedgie Girl.  The cabinet was syrupy in the bottom and held flour from her biscuits in the crevices. It's all that remains for me of the kitchen where cold biscuits and fried chicken lay on the stove top long before botulism was a killing agent.  Good to have her presence so near.  She loves my garden, I'm sure.

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