Monday, April 8, 2013

This Hooch girl is on fire

Beautiful day, eagle in the sky, owls hooting, Rock Man with diesel and matches, geese floating by on the Hooch.  Wait what?  Yes, time for the annual burn pile whoosh.  Life on the river required me to be helper this year.  Our own burn pile accumulated due to numerous dead trees near the river.  Got my bend overs in for the month picking up more limbs and sticks while watching the fire. 

Rock man making fire

Also had a moment of "this girl is on fire".  Rock Man warned me to wear all cotton.  OK I had 2% spandex in my hoodie.  Enough to feel like a yellow jacket stinging my there's a cigar sized hole in my hoodie.  I quickly extinguished myself.  This is why one needs company and a hose while attempting to fool with Mother Nature.  Cell phone in pocket is another must in case things don't go as planned. 
Pre-fire on the Hooch
Rock Man with more fire--one that got my Hoodie
No Eagle scouts were used in the building of this fire
Got to see two Eagles yesterday.  One in the Hooch sky and the other on a stage. Matt, his scout name, due to the excessive number on Matthew's in his troop, had his Eagle ceremony yesterday.  Very proud for he and his parents.  His Mom, my sister, got a medal--well, a pin, for her  Eagle Motherhood.  I've never gotten a motherhood pin or medal.  What a great idea.  I can think of several times when one would have been appropriate--here's your baby girl, and your medal; great job at breast feeding, here's your medal; SHE SLEPT IN HER BED--ALL NIGHT!!!Here is your gold trophy!! You moms and dads out there get my drift. 

peaceful day to you from the Hooch. 

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