Thursday, April 18, 2013

Looking for the helpers

Mr. Rogers' mom told him whenever something scary happened on TV to" look for the helpers". Good advice with all the scary stuff on TV this week.  Sad for the family in Boston who lost their son, their daughter who lost a limb, and the mother with a head injury.

 Seems almost impossible to see beyond the awfulness to the helpers but they were there.  They were who kept alive the rest of that family.

  How can we help?
 What can we do?
 Sometimes it's easier to do nothing and hope that someone else will. 
Thanks to all of you ...the helpers. 
You know who you are and you just keep on doing it and never make it to TV for your efforts.
 We can all help by praying for the healing of those injured in Boston and those injured by the vote on gun control today. 

Peace from the Hooch. 

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