Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hot diggity day

Hot diggity in the dirt.  What a day.

 New nursery for plants in Newnan.  Highway 29.  Southern Roots.
 Great owners :Bob & Sherry Lott.  Check it out.  Bought Black Cow to make my dirt feel nourished. Yes, it's what it sounds like.  I wore gloves. 

Troup County Master Gardeners Sale was today.  Put lime on your iris to improve the blooms.  This is the year of the iris at my house.  Apricot, purple, lavender--we bought a purple and white last night, and a salmon today.  Amazing how much you can cram in your car.  Cute young man pulled our plants to the car.  He said "your azalea is beautiful".  He stole my heart with his cuteness and plant knowledge! He was right it's an orange native.  So gorgeous. 

Another Newman nursery on 29, the Veggie Patch also has beautiful flowers.

Duke Boy dug my holes and I black cowed them and planted.  We are a good team.  He was kind when I was a little picky about the holes.

Tomorrow after lunch I'll finish planting.  Hoping for another gorgeous day. 

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