Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sweaters, robins, Shazam :Easter

Air is nippy on my arm (covered in a shirt and favorite wool sweater) as I write near my open window.  Birds are up trying to wake the sun. Plants still under their black plastic blanket. Another bird just joined the chorus. They probably want my sweater.  "Over here", "me first", "I saw it first". 

 I had a first, recently...Coffee with Duke Boy in our river garden and I witnessed it...
I've seen enough Disney and Animal Plant to know that this happens but it was a first for me....

  • A robin hopping around near by us, put his head down, and quickly pulled up a worm about an inch or so long, and gobbled it up. 
  •  You know you don't spend enough time in nature when your first thought is --wow--just like TV. 
  •   Shazam... I don't have to work for National Geographic to see this happen!

I have seen owls swoop out of the night sky from my patio and then I've heard their "snacks" last cry, but I'd never seen, with my own eyes, a robin pluck a worm out of the ground.  It was beyond cool. 
Don't judge.  Go see for yourself.  All you need is day light, a chair, coffee, quiet, a pair of eyes , trees, birds--preferably robins.

The women at the tomb told the guys, "Go see for yourself", if you don't believe us. 
Invite someone to come see for themselves what this Easter stuff is all about.

 More than egg hunts and bunnies even though you gotta love a little kid hunting eggs.  "Look down" you gotta tell the 2 and 3 year olds.  "Don't run" because all the eggs fall out of your basket.  "Your eggs are in this basket" those are you friend's.  Let's keep it that way--friends. 

Duke Boy has 4 sermons this week.  God bless him.  I mean that in the most literal way.
 Duke continues to play basketball at the oddest times for this preacher. 

Don't forget : Elizabeth Smart in Columbus on April 9th.
 Check out for the details.

Great buys at Bluffton Antiques and Collectibles in Lanett.
 All your Easter baskets goodies are available except the chocolate bunnies. 

Wonderful church services at Shawmut United Methodist in Valley, AL.
 Sunday : 7 and 11AM eastern time. 
Thursday, tonite 6PM and Friday  6PM.  Join us, you are very welcome.

Counseling services at the Pastoral Institute in Valley, AL and Columbus, GA.

Y'all have been great this month.  Almost 700 hits. Please become a follower by clicking on the appropriate spots.  Leave some "raisings" in the comment section. 
Peace, love, and Happy Easter.

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