Saturday, March 2, 2013

NO Name Tags necessary

Great meal with friends without name tags. Since 1999 meals with these folks..Always much laughter. Preachers, counselor, teacher, accountant, nurses, marketing expert, doctor,and engineer.  We can discuss it all . Alabama, Auburn and Troy.  Nothing off limits.  We even have an official recognized storyteller.  During our meal the waiter unknowingly contributed one liners to the storytelling.  One thing I did learn --do not drink a cappuccino at 7PM unless you plan things to do until 2AM.  Write that down. 

No snow here.  BW is under the blankie.  She sat on the floor staring at me until I arranged the couch so she could snuggle her way back to sleep.

 Grateful to have time to nest today.  Flip my house from Valentine's and winter
                                  to spring and Easter.
 Seasonal decor helps me remember to dust. 
                                      Almost quarterly.
Getting out Easter bunnies is almost as much fun as looking at my Santas.  I don't have 400+ bunnies. 

Salty day to all and peace,

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