Thursday, December 20, 2012

31 years with Duke Boy

31 years ago today I married Duke Boy.  He was truly a Duke Boy then with another semester left at Duke in the seminary. I was happily living and working in Gainesville, Ga at a job that I enjoyed.  OK, that's the stuff for my upcoming book that I SHALL write one day. 

Fast forward to our wedding: the scene is the Wesley Foundation at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Now if you go to the Publix near the campus and stand close to the milk then you will be approximately on the site of our nuptials. There were probably a hundred people who came to wish us well. It wasn't a fancy ordeal.  Duke Boy wore a suit and I wore a purple skirt, jacket ,and lovely silk blouse. Boys from the Valley were our ushers. My little niece walked the aisle ahead of me.  Our parents stood up with us.  Both of these were last minute ideas and worked perfectly. Two preachers and we still forgot the rings.  People were asked to bring a covered dish lunch and they did.  My sister called from south AL a few days before the wedding to find out what the cake was like.  Cake?? She showed up in true southern style with a sheet cake from the IGA that said "Karen & Donnie". I'm sure she also brought her signature dish-- pear salad, you know, the individual ones with the cherry on top of the mayo.

Fast forward to today. Duke Boy is still sleeping upstairs with little BW.  If the weather cooperates we may go out tonight. We already celebrated Saturday at Mama Lucia's in Newnan.  Our life is a good one.  He cooks, I don't clean.  I pay the bills, do the laundry, decorate, send cards, buy gifts, and remind him to change the oil in his car.  He digs the holes for my flowers and does the yard work.  I do the yard play.
Most days it all works and on the days when it doesn't then we have to work it out.

Happy Anniversary Duke Boy.  This IS your card.  Love you.

                                                     Last years' card but we look the same.

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