Monday, September 17, 2012

Friday night lights in Bama

My date for crusing

Welcome to Greece and Saudi Arab. This post is about Alabama.  Hopefully this will make you want to visit.

Friday night cruisin’
Duke Boy and I took a back roads of Alabama ride Friday night in the convertible.  Cool, breezy, convertible therapy kind of evening.  I know gas prices don’t lend themselves to much cruising but It’s been so hot we haven’t left town much lately and certainly not with the top down.  Oskar’s on Blue Creek, near Still Waters, was our destination.  We took our time getting there which was good since we didn’t want to miss any of the sights and all that breeze along the way on Highway 50.  Most of the sights were rural: green fields, farm houses, and two puppies that needed to be behind a fence.  
Oskar’s is a welcoming place with a menu to make your mouth water.  If you order the crab claws for an appetizer just go ahead and order your potato and salad because it’s plenty for a meal.  We had already ordered a steak to split so we forced ourselves to enjoy it. Our waitress was friendly and attentive without being intrusive on our date night.   We laughed when she asked about dessert but had her name them anyway.  We decided just hearing them called out was filling enough so we passed. 
Duke Boy knew the way back to Highway 50 from 49S so we proceeded down a road new to me.  We got to pass through a beautiful area which I assume is Blue Creek?  We saw Nick’s restaurant and made a mental note for another date night complete with convertible therapy.  When we got to the turn off to 50, I told Duke Boy that I was enjoying this road (49S) so we stayed on it.  We got to wave at our Lanett folks in Reeltown where Lanett lost a hard fought game by one point.  Sorry guys.  I watched them beat Lafayette the week before, on date night, and had a wonderful time.  I don’t even really care for football but the weather, the crowd, the band, and the team, all made for a fun football evening.  OK back to riding…We finally got to the intersection where you turn left to go to Notasulga—don’t know the road #??  I recognized this as our turn, and we did.  This part of the ride was very interesting and we were able to have a conversation about mules and donkeys.  If you travel that road you will discover why.   Lots of one or the other of those creatures along the way…Duke Boy says they were mules.  I asked him if he was sure or if he was just making that up.  He said he was sure.  Hmm?
Since we haven’t had much War Eagle time lately we drove through the campus on our way home.  The city was alive with fans gearing up for their tailgates.  We decided we could poke some dessert in by the time we got to Tiger Town so we stopped at Chill, the yogurt shop.  If you ask for a sample cup you can just about avoid having to pay for dessert.  We should have...the caramel and vanilla custard is pretty darn yummy.  We even ran into some Valley folks who had the same idea.
I confess that we stopped at the Cusseta exit and put the top up. I was cold. What a great feeling in mid-September.  What great therapy on date night.
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