Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cool in Poland??

Poland and Turkey have joined the readership.  I wonder if it's cooler there?  Today I worked in an office without air conditioning and tomorrow I won't.  I'm not sure how people who work in hot environments do it??  I know my Grandmother never had air conditioning.  She had a huge, wonderful wooden box fan that was as much a part of the livingroom as was her sofa.  Her door was open spring and summer and sometimes fall and winter.  If the screen was latched I have no memory of it.  How did her house stay so cool?

My garden is flourishing despite the heat.  I was gone for a week and Duke boy was in charge of watering.  Everytime I called he reported what plant he'd taken the weedeater to.  He complained about all the work to keep things watered.  I knew he was half kidding but I wasn't sure what I was coming home to.  Pleasantly surprised.  Thanks DB. 

My niece lives in Colorado Springs and reports tonight that the fires are 70% contained.  Prayers need to continue for all. 

Peace and cooler weather.  The rain here today was a welcome blessing.

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  1. I drove into town today, closer to the mountain. It was so sad to see the burned area, over 17,000 acres. Many prayers are needed for those who are returning home to the burned area. I am thankful to no longer see huge smoke plumes in the sky.