Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blue happy feet

I will have to keep my sox on today in the garden.  Got my toes painted robin egg blue yesterday.  Hedgie girl made fun because I'm usually opposed to colors that resemble fungus but since I only have an Easter purse and not a new frock, why not??  Hope it's warm enough to wear sandles to church. :)

Duke boy toiled in the garden yesterday and made a new bed for our Ginger lilies.  Perhaps they'll bloom this year instead of looking like untassled corn in the back flower bed.  Today maybe we can level The Chatt Pool so the diving board area will have some water.  Currently the kiddie pool is the only place for the birds to waller .  My Cardinal is a frequent guest and doesn't mind staying in the shallow end. 

Missed our  Good Friday church service because one of our nursery babies came to me before service and said "Happy Feet".  I took that video to the nursery awhile back and we play it for dancing.  I picked up her red suckered sticky self and she and I went to the nursery to see "Happy Feet" and color Noah and the Ark pictures.  Heard the service was lovely but I was "stuck" :) with great company and had a ball.

Hope all of you find some great company to be "stuck" with this lovely Easter eve day.  Find a spot on Sunday to worship and sing of the Resurrection. I tried to get all internetty and put a link to a song.  Y'all are so lucky that I couldn't figure it out.  I shall listen to Marian Anderson singing "Were you there?" and hear it before days end. 

Know that you are always welcome at Shawmut United Methodist in Valley, AL where Duke boy will be delivering a wonderful resurrection sermon tomorrow.  We meet at 11 ET.  I will be the one with the blue toes.

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