Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sweet Georgia breezes

I'm clean now.  This was not true five minutes ago when the Georgia red clay was circling the drain.  My skin has that tight feel from too much sun.  I did wear my hat ALL DAY! It's a habit I'm trying to make myself take up so my later years won't be spent having skin cancers removed from my wrinkled gardening face.  It was a truly marvelous day to garden.  The temperature was cool and the breeze blew all the gardening dew from your skin the minute it popped up. 

My yard is approaching ready for the gardening award judges to stop by.  We've even planted trees for the occasion.  Sistateer GG brought two Yoshima cherries from Macon and they are in the ground. 

We saw "October Baby" last night in Lagrange.  It's a film by my nephews and it's a great story about forgiveness and healing.  My favorite line is that things are rarely black and white.  The acting is good and the scenes are mostly in Alabama.  It's definitely worth a trip to your local theatre.

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