Monday, March 12, 2012

Birds songs for a changed Monday

     The light is hitting the land in my backyard and the birds are singing themselves awake.  Coolness from my open window slightly chills my wrist as I type.  I hear at least three different kinds of birds singing .  I learned recently that birds sing different songs in the morning from those they sing at night.  Just in the time it took to finish that sentence there are at least two more who have added their songs to the first Monday after the time change.  They are singing because they are unaffected by this human condition.  It will take me at least a week to recover from this assault on my sleep rhythms. I countered yesterday with a two hour Sunday afternoon nap.
     "Love as Christ has loved me."  This was my scripture in two different devotion books and one of them isn't a dated study. Hmmm??  The Holy Spirit speaks to me often through reading and scripture.  Perhaps my own song needs to be tweaked for this first Monday after the time change??
     Peace to all of you today.  Look for the daffodils in your path.  They may have human faces.

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